These cookies are absolutely delicious! I've been hooked on the coconut chocolate chip and the double chocolate flavor, and because they are so low in sugar, I never feel guilty about having a cookie or two. I've been packing them in my lunch to supplement the GF granola bars I used to eat because the ingredients in these cookies are far better. Love when I find a TASTY, GF, low-sugar snack!


so yummy!!!!! I love that they are paleo and so low in sugar :)

Get Nutty about Nutty Mamas Cookies

Nutty Mamas Cookies are made with wholesome nuts, chia and flax. A paleo treat free of grains, gluten, dairy and refined sugars. Monk fruit sweetened!

What's so special?

Nutty Mamas Cookies are for all the "healthy nuts" out there, who want whole food snacks that are free of gluten, grains and refined sugars. I first created these satiating, nut cookies for my family, in my home kitchen, in Barrington, Rhode Island. After much reading and research about wheat free and grain free diets, I began experimenting with nutrient packed, grain free snacks that would prevent me and my family from experiencing sugar highs and lows and to curb our collective cravings for junk food. Also, because alternative, natural sugar substitutes are not all created equal, and some have more of an aftertaste then others, I began experimenting with different sugar alternative combinations to sweeten my treats until eventually the recipe for Nutty Mamas Cookies was born. Not only do these cookies satisfy my and my family's sweet tooth, but they are great for breakfast or anytime you need some wholesome fuel. One cookie will keep you content and focused for hours.

A Nutty Mamas cookie will change the way you think about cookies. Not only is a Nutty Mamas cookie satisfying, but because it is made from wholesome almonds, hazelnuts, coconut, chia seeds and flax, it is packed with vital nutrients such as essential Medium-chain_triglyceride fatty acids, (the good kind of cholesterol!), omega 3 and 6, lignans, bioflavonoids and minerals. These vital nutrients have many health benefits including but not limited to: lowering blood glucose levels, lowering cholesterol, and aiding in optimal brain function. I am also in the application process for getting my Nutty Mamas cookie varieties certified as low-glycemic and diabetic friendly. So stay tuned!

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